Daily Koala Hold

From AUD $33.00
  • Location: Crafers , South Australia
  • Product code: Q200136001

Is koala fur soft? What does a koala smell like? How much do they eat? 

Cleland Wildlife Park is one of the few places in Australia where you can get right up-close to, and even hold, a koala.  Guests are able to hold one of the park’s resident koalas in a controlled and safe environment, and have a souvenir photo taken to commemorate their experience.  

Join us for the ultimate Australian meet and greet!

Tour Highlights:
  • While holding a koala, guests will experience the feel of koala fur under their hand, and smell the gum leaves that the koala is eating.
  • The Koala Keeper will talk to guests about all things koalas, from the individual story of the koala they are holding, to the role Cleland Wildlife Park is playing in their conservation.
  • Learn about what we can all do to help the wild populations.

Program Details:
Availability:         Daily
Time:                  2.00pm
Age:                   13+ years
Cost:                   $33.00

Please note, this is an intimate and up-close animal encounter.  In order to settle and monitor our animals, Cleland’s Wildlife Keepers will also need to get up-close at times.  Masks are therefore a requirement for this experience, regardless of age or any exemptions.  By booking this experience you, and any other participants, agree to wear a mask for the duration of the experience. Your cooperation ensures your safety is maintained, while also protecting the wellbeing of our staff and animals. Thank you for your understanding.

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